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New and Improved Spinner Plate for Wildlife Feeders

  • Unique and Durable Design

  • Constructed of Non-Corrosive Materials (Stainless Steel and Aluminum)

  • Light Weight

  • Easy to Install

  • U.S. Patent # 7,404,376

Harvant Feeders saw the need for a new and improved spinner plate to help reduce the loss of feed and to distribute the feed when and where needed. Thus, the Pro Spinner Plate was created.

The Pro Spinner Plate was created with 4 spring-hinged doors that open with the centrifugal force of the feeder motor and dispense the feed. When the motor stops, the doors move up into their original position creating a barrier around the down-spout to eliminate unnecessary loss of feed due to high winds, birds, scavengers, and regular feeder movements (such as tailgate feeders).

The Pro Spinner Plate size:      1/8 inch

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

PSP $19.99             

Pro Spinner Plate - 1/8 inch

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