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  • Unique, Durable Design, and User Friendly

  • Swiveling (Feeder does not need to be removed to access engine/bed)

  • Light Weight

  • Easy to Install

  • U.S. Patent # 8,960,574


Harvant Feeders came up with a newly designed, lightweight Swiveling UTV Road Feeder. Our new, Swiveling Pro UTV Road Feeder has a swiveling arm that allows the road feeder to be swiveled out to allow you easy access to UTV engine or UTV bed. You no longer have to remove your road feeder full of corn to get into the engine or bed of your UTV!

This new feeder holds up to 50 pounds of feed (determined by corn weight) and allows the feed to have continuous flow due to the hopper design. The newly designed Swiveling Pro UTV Road Feeder along with the Pro Spinner Plate eliminates the unnecessary loss of corn from your feeder as you are driving down the road, allowing you to dispense feed only when and where you choose. The Swiveling Pro UTV Road Feeder is equipped with a 25 ft. tailgate remote. The Pro Tailgate Feeder weighs approximately 38 pounds and the hopper is constructed out of 1/4 inch polyethylene.


Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

SPURF $329.00

Swiveling Pro UTV Road Feeder

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